What else could YOU do?

Do you ever find yourself saying, “What else could I do?” Do you ever feel like there’s no other way? That there’s no hope for change? Do...

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Just One Thing

In the Waypoints manga “Bread Alone” (based on Luke 10:38-42) we meet a woman named Martha. She’s feeling pulled in many different...

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Have a Seat

In Waypoints season 2, one of our stories was called “Bread Alone,” illustrated by Masiu. This manga was adapted from a story found in the...

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Father’s Day

This month’s manga is a sci-fi take on one of Jesus’ parables, a story commonly known as “The Prodigal Son.” But the real hero of the...

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Who is Jesus? (video)

From the Bible Project: Who was Jesus and what was his message of God’s Kingdom really about? Check out our latest Bible Basics video, Who...

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A Face in the Crowd

Near the end of Waypoints season 2, we shared two stories that you may have noticed were connected — “A Desperate Father” and “A Desperate...

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What is Easter?

This month’s manga tells the story of Easter from the perspective of one of Jesus’ close followers, Mary Magdalene. History tells us that...

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