Waypoints officially launched this month with the posting of our first manga “Not Alone.” 

Today let’s take a look behind the scenes at the making of this comic, which was illustrated by Robin A. White. First, here’s a look at the character design process…

Not Alone characters01 rotated 1
Not Alone characters02 rotated 1
Not Alone characters04 rotated 1
Not Alone characters08
Not Alone characters05
Not Alone characters07
Not Alone characters06

The main character hasn’t changed much at all since Robin’s early designs, but if you look at these images and compare them to the final manga pages, you’ll see the other characters have changed quite a bit.

Next, here’s a look at Robin’s process of figuring out the story visually — first, with some thumbnail sketches all on one page, then by laying out the two-page spreads in larger sketches. 

Not Alone layouts01 rotated 1
Not Alone layouts02

After these analogue sketches, Robin went digital, and did the finished art in an app called ProCreate on the iPad Pro. After this, the art was sent to his computer, where it was lettered and finished in Clip Studio Paint, a popular program among cartoonists.

So that’s how “Not Alone” came together. If you haven’t read it already, please do check it out!