Today we want to bring you a quick update on what’s going on with Waypoints.

While we’ve been on a short break from posting, we’ve been working behind the scenes to produce some new manga for you to enjoy in the months to come. Stories are in the works for the rest of the year, with various manga currently in various stages of production, and two already finished and ready to be shared. 

We’re excited about what’s in store!

Starting in May, we’ll be sharing new stories every month, returning to publishing full stories once a month instead of serializing each manga in weekly installments. This will give you a complete story to enjoy in one sitting. Just like with season one, though, we’ll also be posting stuff to the blog, like behind-the-scenes content, thematically-related articles, and videos we think you’ll enjoy. So be sure to check back often or follow us on social media if you don’t want to miss out! 

Waypoints season two begins May 6 with “The Well” – a story illustrated by Ryo Azumi. Below is a preview, with some process images from the making of this new manga.

The Well preview 002
rough to inks WIP manga

Thanks for stopping by! See you in May!