Deep Space


(Episode 4)

Note: Japanese manga reads from right to left

Waypoints019 ENG 015
Waypoints019 ENG 016
Waypoints019 ENG 017
Waypoints019 ENG 018
Waypoints019 ENG 019
Waypoints019 ENG 020

Thank you for reading “Deep Space Robo-Bros” — we hope you enjoyed this month’s manga! If you’ve visited this site before, you’ve no doubt noticed that this comic is WAY different than what we usually do here. This story is based on a parable that Jesus told. Of course, his version didn’t have robots or spaceships, but we hope this brought the story to life in a fresh, new way. Jesus’ original story is found in the Bible in Luke 15, and we’d encourage you to read it for yourself. And for some thoughts on the meaning of this parable, check out our BLOG.


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