A Mother’s Wish

(Episode 1)

Note: Japanese manga reads from right to left

Waypoints23 E 001
Waypoints23 E 002
Waypoints23 E 003
Waypoints23 E 004
Waypoints23 E 005
Waypoints23 E 006

Welcome back to Waypoints, an online manga anthology series. In this story, we meet a mother. Like many mothers, she has big hopes for her kids… Now that they’re leaving home, will she be happy with the direction their lives are taking? And what will she do about it if they don’t measure up? The story continues in the next episode, available now.


  1. David &Genevieve

    Very well written and illustrated. This ministry must certainly be a means of getting the Gospel out to the people in Japan. We pray every day that the Lord will guide you as you prepare each story and that the hearts of those who read it will be open to the message. God bless you and all of those who work with you.

  2. Bette Beane

    Super! Loved reading your version of this Bible story.


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