This month’s manga tells the story of Easter from the perspective of one of Jesus’ close followers, Mary Magdalene.

History tells us that Jesus spent about 3 years traveling around Israel with a group of followers. He spent His time teaching and healing and showing God’s love to people. He attracted a lot of attention — both good and bad. Many of the common people loved Him. But some of the religious and political leaders feared Him.

So they had him killed.

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Up to this point, Jesus’ story isn’t all that unusual. He wasn’t the first or the last Jewish man to gain a following only to be killed by the Romans. Many others came and went, but no one claimed to see them alive, and we don’t celebrate holidays about them either.

But this is where the story gets weird.

According to Jesus’ followers, two days after his death, Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus supposedly walked and talked with people, eating and drinking with them. And when he left the earth for heaven, he took his resurrected body with him.

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And these people — the first Christians — were so convinced about what they believed that they were willing to die for it.

According to them, his resurrection proved that He is God. What looked like defeat was actually a victory. His death was all part of God’s plan. And the purpose was to give us new life through Jesus Christ. Jesus’ resurrection is like a sneak preview of what’s in store for those who believe in him.

Now, if you’re new to Christianity, this may all seem a bit hard to swallow.

But what if it’s true?

For those of us who do believe, it gives us great hope. And hope is something we all want, isn’t it? So isn’t it worth exploring the possibility that the story of Easter might just be true?

We hope you’ll keep exploring with us as we continue with Waypoints this year.

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