Waypoints returns in less than a month! We’re looking forward to bringing you new manga featuring the work of both new and returning collaborators. Expect variety again this year as we continue to tell tales of life-changing encounters from various points-of-view in collaboration with various artists.

Season 3 starts on April 7, 2023, with “A Bigger Story.” This one’s illustrated by an artist who is new to Waypoints but has a lot of skill and experience – Igor Cicarini. Here’s a sneak peak at some of Igor’s art from this manga:

2023 03 preview 1a
2023 03 preview 1b

In May, regular Waypoints collaborator Ryo Azumi returns as the artist on a new story. Here are some character sketches Azumi did, along with one page of her manga layouts:

2023 03 preview 2b
2023 03 preview 2a

We hope you’ll be back to check these manga out when Waypoints returns in April! 

See you soon!